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Included in this package deal, you will receive some amazing products: 


  1. More Than A Bus Ride Complete Curriculum filled with:
    • Project Based 3-Demensional Learning
    • A plethora of primary source documents
    • A wealth of activities and rubrics
    • Comprehensive documentary that supports the curriculum guide
  2. With teacher modifications, lesson plans are appropriate for students in grades 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 12. The Guide uses the 4MAT model of instruction developed by Dr. Bernice McCarthy, founder of About Learning. 4MAT takes into consideration how the brain learns and the fact that students learn in different ways. The plan uses right and left brain instructional strategies to actively en-gage all students.


MTABR was designed by Dr. Martha Jones Bouyer, Ph.D, former Social Studies Curriculum Specialist, Jefferson County School District. A great resource for post secondary schools. 


*** Please email us at for special school district price. ***

More Than A Bus Ride Complete Curriculum

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