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  1. To educate and inform the secondary school educators on the role women played in ending Jim Crow laws and advancing citizenship rights of Americans.

  2. To develop a cadre of secondary school educators in school districts with additional skills to effectively teach civil rights in their school systems.

  3. To provide these educators with the skills to provide training to schools in the region.

  4. To enhance student knowledge of civil rights history and the forces behind the civil rights movement.

  5. To encourage these students to use this knowledge to become more responsible and effective citizens in society.


The civil rights curriculum development project will provide secondary school educators the opportunity to acquire an additional learning tool to teach about the significant role of some unheralded women in the modern civil rights movement, how their efforts led to the end of Jim Crow laws; ignited what is known as the modern day civil rights movement and promoted freedom and equality for all Americans.  Teachers will also gain insight into strategies for the effective teaching of the civil rights movement and the development of activities to enhance student knowledge about the role and responsibility of citizenship.

The project will teach the historical, legal and civic lessons related to the civil rights movement as well as, values, social and economic justice and equality, diversity and having America live up to its founding principles.  History scholars will illuminate the impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the federal law suit Browder vs. Gayle on the social, judicial, economic and political process of the United States.

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