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Education Reform

From 2011-2012 I did research on strategies to lower and prevent drop out in public and private schools in Alabama under a program: Ethics Education and Empowerment sponsored by District 5 State School Board Member Ella B. Bell. I chose to use a methodology of looking at factors that increase school success rather than focus on school failure, glancing back at past actions while looking forward to our desired destination.

I am going to share some things we learned from the research and a program idea that grew out of the research. One of the realities we discovered was those in power were least likely to change and those out of power didn't have the support to make changes. And that situation continues today.

It is my hope by sharing some common sense methods and tools to improve our schools, it will help empower parents, teachers, administrators and all those who care about our children's future. Our first most formative task is to transform negative attitudes and behaviors by those in charge of the education of our children: parents, teachers, administrators, school boards, and other elected officials.

William Waheed

Cosmo-D Productions

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