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Parents, We Are Responsible For Education of Our Children:


Parents, there is no doubt about it, we are responsible for the training and education of our children. It is the responsibility of every species to train and educate it’s young. And unlike other species, the homo sapiens sends it children to state ordered institutions(schools) to be trained. However, the teachers, trainers are not required by the state to educate them, that is our responsibility.

One of the problems we have encountered over the years is that we have depended on the state to educate our children and what the state does is train children to serve the state, teachers work for the state and they have to abide by state rules.

Their world view, what they do(education) with the training is on us and the children. We would do well to make sure that as much as possible, the resources for training them: teachers, curriculums, administrators, bus drivers, janitors, etc., share our world view and expectation for our children.

The difference maker in the outcome of our children’s education is us, the parents, not the pastors, not the police, not the politician, but us the parents. We must become wise on the operation of the educational system, we must become wise on the roll of elected officials in support of resources for our schools, and we must become wiser on parenting for survival and success of children so that our community and families will thrive and survive.

Parents, this is on us. I will try and share with you some things I have learned in research and in life to help us move towards those goals. Our children are not bad children, they sometimes make bad decisions. And stop calling your children bad, that ain’t cute.

And a word of caution, don't let know body fill you with lies about how the community and the teachers in the past took care of all kids. There were teacher’s pets, principals pets, coaches pets and many of the kids were mistreated because of where they lived or because of the color of their skin in “all black schools”. We are not living in the days of 1870 when black leaders believed that all children should have a chance to learn, because learning then was important for liberation, learning then was important for the individual to learn how to govern themselves, their families, their communities.

We are not living in an environment where all leaders care for children. We must create that environment .

William Waheed


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