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Americans have become hyper sensitive with the murder of adults, an adult soldier while it has been quiet on the murder and destruction of millions of lives of children, women, and seniors by American drones. I know the media is responsible for all this anxiety because anxiety sells. I am appalled at every democrat and especially black democrats that said nothing to or about Obama and Hillary’s destruction of the lives of the people of Libya, the drone attacks on Yemen, Pakistan and incarceration and deportation of Latina and immigrant families and children.

I believe this all of a sudden stop the war movement is because of media sensation, political dynamics, and a dunce that was created by and comes from and still acts like he is still on reality tv. He is the genetic and historical descendant of people who committed acts of genocide on Native Americans for land, enslaved Africans for labor, dropped Atomic bombs on defenseless civilians in Japan, unknowingly conducted immoral health experiments on its citizens.

The real tragedy is that many people will think he is an aberration, when he is not. Trump is living history of the occupiers of the United States and occupiers of Palestine. He and the corporations he represents are trying to do in the Middle East what they have done in large swaths of Africa and what they did to Native Americans in the USA and Canada. He is a distraction from the blood thirsty and carnivorous corporations and their army, the CIA-Corporate Interest of America.

People wake up, America is corporation ran by some of the most ruthless inhumane people the world has ever witnessed. Congress is the employees of the corporation, the Supreme Court is its martial at arms, and the pentagon is its muscle. They don’t care about God or believe in God. They believe they will be saved from the wrath because they are chosen, exceptional, and they will not reap what they sow. They have a death wish and think they will be set aside. And so they invite calamity and destruction. Take a look at Australia, look at what they did to the Aboriginals, what they did to the land.

“The Fire Next Time”

May The Creator Comfort the Children being tortured in war, in detention camps, incarcerated, in poverty traps. Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall inherit the Earth. Cursed be the war-makers for they shall rot in Hell.


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