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Educated or Trained?

When I think about liberation, improvement of condition of the community, about education and about an educated person, I think about Frederick Douglass. He was trained to read, and if he had accepted the training of his teachers as correct for him, he would have remained enslaved, and we would not have had that great champion Liberator. And that brings me to Selma and Dallas County. Selma in the 50’s was the leading city for education in the Black Belt of Alabama and had more education institutions in the city than any city in Alabama, black or white. Yet we are at the bottom of index of every measure of society. Why?

Well over the next few series we will look at some of the reasons, the system that has produced so much misery for Black Citizens. And the sad part, is the best we can do is produce more people trained to do the same thing as schools did in the 50’s. And we will advance some ideas about how to move forward,

to be more like Frederick Douglass.

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