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Critical Thinking and 1619 Report

One reason The 1619 Report is getting massive resistance is because it exposes how entrenched slavery was in America, especially among professionals: lawyers, educational institutions, shippers, judges, accountants, investors, insurers and agents, security firms, supply and material companies, bounty hunters, law enforcement, sexual deviants, etc. Media and schools have framed our thoughts on slavery around: plantation slave masters, overseers, abuse and conditions of enslaved and their inability to protect themselves from abuse, rape, murder, sale of family members, etc. No mention of the people who made fortunes, built institutions, built city mansions for servicing and maintaining enslavement. The same groups and class of moneymakers are behind incarceration and jails today. They rolled over plantation slavery to slavery by incarceration and poverty. It lets us know how entrenched it was and realize it has not gone away. The plight, struggle of the poor, Black and Brown Americans is the same, the system has not changed. And those who are getting rich and making a living off of it today: policy makers and business industry are not going to change it, they haven’t since 1492, since our forced migration( middle passage) and illegal enslavement in 1619. The trickle down, talented tenth, political leaders, educators (black or white) who are paid by the state and feds are not going to change the status quo. We the “Working Poor” who are overwhelmingly Black, Brown, and Female are going to have to make the difference, we have to evolve this system into a system of Human Rights First. The fear of Critical Thinking is that enough of us will wake up and begin to build up people and institutions that serve the best interests of the working poor, that we will start using our multi-trillion consumer dollars for our best interest, and not exclusively for the continuation of our, slavery, sharecropping, colonialism like conditions that keeps us in abject poverty and slave like conditions. My prediction is this: if we begin a movement to teach ourselves about 1619 outside the classroom and stop looking up to billionaire media moguls and politicians for truth, who only give us partial truth in exchange for elected positions and media awards, the schools will allow inclusion 1619 into classroom, so that it can be distorted by distorted historians like it has been done since 1619.



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