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Covid-19 Lessons 101©

“At last the New American Slave(all workers) has come to realize that to rise up and speak out will only prove that which is worse than being struck down: to be ignored as irrelevant. Under the skin of the mule and the hide of the elephant, Democrats and Republicans are identical: They have become the bought-out, sold-out servants of the New Slave Master(Corporations)…”G. Spence

Covid-19 is painting a picture and reteaching us a valuable lesson about the bank bail out of Obama and Biden administration and the Trump and Pence tax break for the 1%’s. It is showing us once again that working class people are irrelevant. The changes proposed by leaders of both parties is to first take care of people with the meat, give the workers the crumbs if there are any.

Covid-19 is reminding us that Power and wealth is the primary concern of big business, Corporate America and Libertarians, the power to continue to expand and exploit people and natural resources for their own toxic and self destructive self interests. Dr. King of SCLC in 68 and Ernest L Doyle of The Dallas County Voters League of Selma, Alabama in 2005 made it plain: to become free of this new slave master and change the conditions of the working poor, we must change the system of government. We must implement a democracy based on consensus of the human good, based on human rights, we must start at the local level of government and eventually the changes will move up the ladder as has been the case in every civil and voting and human rights movement in this nation. Positive Change for working families has never happened from the top down.

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William Waheed, Author


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